Nov 16: DADA Seniors

This week is Senior Undergrad project review night.


7 comments on “Nov 16: DADA Seniors

  1. It took me almost a semester, but at last I’m able to be FIRST on this blog!!!
    No one can take this away from me! I want to thank many people. First the undergrads for showing their work. Then my friends that didn’t post before me and off course my family!

  2. Chen Huang says:

    The animation undergraduate students’ work is amazing….I think the works are as professional as graduate students.. …I really appreciate it…

  3. Cecilia De Jesus says:

    It was great to see the undergrad thesis work. I had been anticipating this seminar for a few weeks now. I was pleasantly surprised that so many of the projects are comedic. I think this actually much harder than doing a dramatic work because it’s really difficult to draw a laugh sometimes. I think the films were successful overall and I’m sure just seeing how our group audience viewed their projects gave the undergrads a good sense of what was working well and what might need some work.

  4. Awesome work, undergrads! I love the imagination and spirit in the work that I was able to see. I’ve been fortunate to follow some of these projects since last semester and they haven’t failed to impress so far! Keep up the great work.

  5. A.W. Gammill says:

    This year’s undergrads pulled off the strongest screening of animatics from a senior class so far, and that’s saying something because their were some pretty strong ones last year, too.

    I honestly can’t wait to see the progress they make when they are picture-locked and screening. Such a great showing. Go, go, undergrads!

  6. Lanzhu Jian says:

    it is a great evening, wish we could have more opportunity to comunicate like this!

  7. Amy Ketchum says:

    These guys rocked. I really enjoyed the thoughtfulness and craft of each of their projects.

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