August 31 + Sept. 1: PiKa PiKa! Light-Animation Workshop, Exhibition, and Screening


Created by Japanese artists Kazue Monno and Takeshi Nagata, known collectively as TOCHKA, PiKA PiKA is an exciting new art form that uses light to create fun and playful animations!

Since 2007, TOCHKA has traveled around the world to animation festivals, museums, and universities, conducting PiKA PiKA workshops, and screening and exhibiting their work. TOCHKA’s goals are to bring joy and inspire people to work together across cultural, ethnic and linguistic differences. Utilizing public video sites such as YouTube, TOCHKA has launched countless PiKA PiKA animations, propelling this accessible, low-tech animation technique into a DIY global phenomenon, and effectively achieving their goals.

This week’s seminar is the Visions and Voices PIKA PIKA event, organized by DADA faculty Lisa Mann, Trixy Sweetvittles and Richard Weinberg. On Wednesday evening, please show up at 6:15pm in the SCA courtyard to pick up your admission bracelet, and return before 7:00 for the event. On Thursday evening, the panel session begins at 7pm in SCA 108. Attendance both evenings is required unless you have another class Thursday evening. Enjoy this amazing experience with Japan’s TOCHKA group, creators of this global phenomenon, and don’t miss their exhibit in the SCA gallery. See you at PIKA PIKA! Read all about it here:


August 24: Welcome to Seminar Fall 2011 !

This week we will have the introduction to Seminar, announcements, and a presentation by Richard Weinberg. Following the Seminar, we will have a Pizza Party on the 3rd floor for everyone in DADA.